Fertilizers for additional fertilization
These particular fertilizers are the most advanced fertilizers produced by global leaders in production using the best technologies

„Nutrivant“ fertilizers are designed particularly for farming plants and consist of all carefully considered necessary nutrients that meet plant’s biological needs. This is the most recent fertilizing through the leaves technology invented by the American and Jewish scientists from Ben Gurion University in Israel. The fertilizers are made of the high quality, pure and soluble materials like mono potasium phosphate, potassium nitrate, macro and chelated by citric acid micro elements/nutrients; the fertilizers are 100% soluble and the absorption of phosphorus in phosphate form is the best. „Nutrivant“ fertilizers’ exclusivity is the active substance of the surface (PAM) Fertivant. We are offering Nutrivant Plus for sugar beets and potatoes.

The quality of raw materials is the exclusivity of these particular fertilizers. Precise fertilization is provided for each plant according to its needs.

Fertilizers of Spanish comapny „Atlantica Agricola“
The company was the first one which started producing fertilizers from humic and fulvic acids in the market 30 years ago. Currently more than 50 countries worldwide are using „Atlantica“ fertilizers. The company is exploiting the most advanced technologies in mineral nutrition and plant protection field, which enables to get the greater and high quality harvest.

IKAR - Concentrated liquid fertilizers for additional fertilization.