Services - Logistic and Agronomical 
Logistic service for wholesalers at various ports and terminals in various countries.
Grain delivery by trucks-from farms to port’s terminal’s. 
Own net of storage tanks for liquid fertilizers each 1.000 m3-2.000m3 net (2 in Latvia and 2 in Lithuania).
Reliable advices on agricultural issue.
Our agricultural services are provided from soil to ship, and benefit the entire chain from seed, fertilizers, crop protection producers and farmers to traders and processors worldwide. 
Through our product expertise, Agrosfera provides you with seamless support and is a strong business partner who can protect your interests across all levels of the agricultural value chain.

Main Focus
Grain and pulses collection from farmers and supply to local processors.
Grain and pulses export to the EEU, NA, MEA.

Storage facilities
23 for grain collection  in Lithuania, Latvia.
5 for fertilizers/pesticides/biostimulators in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Rep.
7 (4 owned) for liquid fertilizers in Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Rep.